Offering personalized private, small group, and team training sessions for all levels on-ice and in studio.


We provide a relaxed non-competitive environment where players can really focus on learning and mastering the technique of each shot and strengthen those shooting muscles. Learn and develop your shot with an Instructor, 1 on 1 in the Shooting Range. For a half-hour, we try to shoot between 50 to 200 pucks on a specific shot.

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Why I did this...

The Biggest question I have been getting is…

"What made you think of creating this!"

My answer to that is…

"Because shooting is the least practiced skill in Hockey, and it's one of the most important one's to learn."

Now for everyone out there, ask yourself this question…

"How often does your son/daughter practice their shot in practice or even at home?"

And... "How much 1-on-1 instruction on how to take a specific shot happen at practice?"

Answer… "Very Little!"

Now I am not knocking any coach on this matter, because yes, there is limited time to teach everything that you need to, especially shooting. I myself have been in this situation a lot, as being an instructor/coach in hockey for 30+ year's. I know where all coaches are coming from when you try to teach players how to shoot with the average hour of ice that everyone gets for their practice. Even with teams that have the hour and a half to two hour practices, there is still not enough time. Plus, to get the whole team to line up away from the boards and start shooting while your assistant coaches and you go to each and every player to make sure they are doing it right, takes a lot of time. I've been there, done that and bought the T-shirt. Not fun!

That is why I created The Shooting Range.

To become a great shooter, a player needs to practice at least three to four hundreds shots a week. A lot of sports are the same. For example basketball players spend hours and hours every week on developing their shots, and where Hockey is one of the sports where players practice the least on their shots. The reason is simple: while on the ice, players spend little time on shooting. Every hockey player from the beginner to the junior levels needs to practice shooting off the ice on their own. While shooting they will develop their skills of accuracy, power and the quick release. From that, the shooting off the ice will easily be adapted to shooting on the ice.

Please also realize that it's not just for shooting on goal, but shooting the puck into the offensive zone or clearing the puck from the defensive zone. Any situation in a game where you need to shoot the puck.

What is Synthetic Ice...

Synthetic Ice is a unique surface that simulates all the characteristics of real ice. You can skate on it like natural ice and you can even do the two-foot hockey stop on it like natural ice.

Synthetic Ice has slightly more friction than natural ice. Just barely, mind you, but enough to create a benefit as a training and coaching platform.

This is a huge benefit for players that are wanting to improve their shooting, without having to rent an arena to practice in.